Transparency International Initiative

The Ruth Cohn Foundation for the Support of Young Adults has signed the Transparency International initiative in favor of transparency in civil society. We are therefore committed to disclosing the goals our Foundation pursues, where our funds come from, how they are used and who decides on how to use them.

1. Name, Headquarters, Address and Year of Foundation

The Ruth Cohn Foundation for the Support of Young Adults. Pfarrstraße 28, 73733 Esslingen, Germany. Founded on May 19th,  2009. 

2. Our Foundation’s Statutes

You can read our foundation’s statutes here (in German language).

3. Approval of Exemption from Tax Authorities

You will find the notice of tax exemption from the tax authorities in Esslingen here (in German language). 

4. Name and Function of Decision-Makers

According to our statutes, the Managing Director is responsible for the non-remunerated management of the Foundation’s business. He/she is appointed for a four year term by the Board, most recently on March 31st, 2018.

Managing Director: Ernst Schrade, Pfarrstraße 28, 73733 Esslingen, Germany Tel. +30 (0)711 374246,  

The Board of Directors acts as a supervisory body with respect to the Foundation’s Management / Managing Director (see statutes). The chairman of the Board is: Christoph Huber, D-72119 Ammerbuch, Germany.

5. Activity Report

You can read the report of the board here (in German language).

6. Staff

At present, the Ruth Cohn Foundation for the Support of Young Adults employs neither full-time staff nor contract agents, since all current business is dealt with by volunteers. Only expenses incurred, such as for travel, postage, etc. are reimbursed.

7. Sources of funds in 2023

Income and expenditure as well as the overall development of assets can be found here.

8. Use of Funds

The statement of accounts in the form of the minutes of the Foundation Board meeting can be found here (in German language).

9. Liability Toward Related Associations

The Board of Directors currently consists of five members, according to § 7 paragraph 2 of our statutes.

"One member of the Board of Directors shall always be appointed by the Management Board of the Ruth Cohn Institute for TCI-international (in Basle)."

The term of office is four years. At present, the Foundation is focusing its support on the “Association to Support TCI Training for Young Adults (FöVe)”. Its headquarters are in Cologne, Germany, and the association’s chairman is Friedemann Küppers, Drachenfelsstr. 46, D-50939 Cologne. The Foundation has no legal liability toward FöVe. 

10. Names of legal persons whose annual contributions make up for more than 10% of total annual revenue

In 2015, the Ruth Cohn Foundation for the Support of Young Adults received no revenue from legal persons exceeding 10% of all revenue in 2015. We hereby confirm that the bodies called upon to take binding decisions for our organization meet regularly and that the minutes of these meetings are recorded. Questions directed to our organization will be answered within an appropriate period of time. Our annual accounts are personally signed by one of the decision-making members of our organization. Furthermore, our annual accounts are audited and the duty to fulfill this obligation is supervised by our internal auditing authorities. 

The Managing Director

Ernst Schrade