Members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors

Christoph Huber

When I got to know TCI during my studies, I soon realized that I wanted to understand, experience and apply this concept better. At that time there was nothing comparable to the basic training for young adults. Today I can refer to a wonderful offer for young, voluntarily engaged people from youth work, trainees and students. In the courses I notice again and again how important this work is for the participants and for myself.


Corinna Ehlert

I liked the idea of introducing TCI to young adults right from the start. I was and still am impressed by the attitude that underlies TCI. It has accompanied and supported me, who only came into contact with it when I was "no longer a very young adult", on my professional path. To enable an education in TCI for young people, even for those who cannot (yet) afford such an education financially, I consider it a meaningful task, which I am very happy to support with my work in the foundation board.


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Lemaire

For me, TCI is a central working tool, in the work with individuals, groups and teams. It has played a major role in my entire working life and now, through my work on the foundation board, I want to ensure that young people can learn this methodical approach during their training.

Kai Hölcke

TCI has had a decisive influence on my professional life. Through TCI training, many persons have contributed to the continual further development of my competence as a leader and consultant/advisor, as a person capable of teaching others and uplifting them. I would like to give back and convey some of this, not least since to me a commitment to the education and training of young adults is a highly sustainable project. 

Nicole Krämer

When I started my basic education, I had no idea how much TCI would influence my work, first as a teacher, later as a school director and now also in the school administration. The basic training offered me the chance to get to know and apply TCI in a lasting and intensive way, so that after this time it became significant in my professional as well as in my private life. In order that as many young people as possible can take advantage of this opportunity, regardless of income and origin, I am involved in the foundation board.