Basic training in TCI for young adults

Our idea is to make TCI training accessible to as many young persons as possible who have not yet completed their education, thus enabling them to earn a further important professional qualification. The training promotes personality strengthening and the development of self-confident individuals able to approach others with respect. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 27 can complete a basic training course in TCI at a very low cost. All they pay is a small contribution towards the travel and accommodation expenses of their trainers. However, some young adults cannot afford even these reduced fees. This is why the “Association to Support TCI Training for Young Adults” (FöVe) was founded in 2005, followed by the “Ruth Cohn Foundation for the Support of Young Adults” in 2009.

All necessary information about TCI-training for young adults can be found on the here (website of FöVe, the association promoting TCI training for Young Adults)

The brochure of Ruth Cohn Foundation for the Support of Young Adults (in German language) can be downloaded here

The article "TCI- Training for young adults – a model for success” can be downloaded here (in German language).