Our Activities

The following activities are carried out and supported by the Foundation:

Basic Training in TCI for Young Adults

Basic Training in TCI is made available to young adults at a very inexpensive price, since all group leaders provide their services free of charge in connection with our training courses. The Foundation supports basic training for these young adults by covering accompanying costs (instructors’ meetings, a remunerated administrator in charge of financial matters and drawing up brochures, etc.). Grants for accommodation and travel expenses can be provided to young adults where needed. To apply for a grant, please send a simple request to Ernst Schrade.

Working Group Young Adults

Several young adults who have completed their basic training have founded an alumni network. Their exchanges take place mainly at the network’s annual meetings. These are supported financially by the Foundation. Further information about the alumni network can be found in the Flyer (German).


Supporting Volunteers - Integration and Participation of Young Adults

DG Education and Culture - Program for Life-Long Learning

The learning partnership called “Volunteers support the Integration and Participation of Young Adults” and referred to by the acronym "FFIP", brings together organizations seeking to promote participation and integration of youngsters and young adults into society by means of voluntary work for and with young people. These organizations are interested in a learning partnership which generates an exchange of experience, synergy effects and ideas for further activities. 

Our partners are organizations from Luxemburg, Hungary, Germany and Romania working to enhance integration, orientation and personality building in young persons by virtue of their activities or specific projects. Those working for these organizations are mainly volunteers. The project was realized in the framework of Grundtvig from 2011 to 2013.

Core themes of the project:

  • Exchange of experience in the area of education and further training for volunteers, with a particular focus on key competences, which are essential for those offering their time as volunteers in our society.
  • Synergy effects and balance between life-long learning, professional, gainful employment and volunteer work.
  • Getting young people interested in volunteer work and recruiting them for it.
  • Life-long learning through volunteer work – a mutual learning process serving as a bridge between generations.

You can watch a brief film on the project here (German).

You will find handouts on this project here (German).