Upon completing the secondary training and receiving the TCI diploma a candidate can continue on to become a TCI instructor.

During this step, the ability to TCI is emphasized. To teach one must become competent in the methodology and didactics of TCI.

Please note: The submission date for the graduation papers is April 1st.

The following downloads are available:

Orientation Workshop for Graduation

OWS 2020 (Course number 9267)
Date: 07. - 09.02.2020
Training: Karin Fritzsche & Marc Verschueren

For information or in order to sign up, plese enter the seminar number here and click "suchen" (search)

Instructor Education

For information or in order to sign up, plese enter the seminar number (see Course Catalogue: Instructor Education) here and click "suchen" (search)

Graduation Workshop according to the new graduation regulations (9165)

GWS 2020
Date: 11.-13.09.2020
Training: Walter Zitterbarth & Hartwig Kiesow

Graduation Committee

The Graduations Committee supplies further information and advice on this part of the training program.

For questions concerning graduation, please contact:

Members of the GC/GA are:

Karin Fritzsche
Robert-Stolz-Straße 19
67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße
T: +49 6321 33041

Dr. Hartwig Kiesow
Stephanstraße 12 B
18055 Rostock
T: +49 157-58279201

Hermann Kügler
D 6, 5
D 68159 Mannheim
T: +49 621 16066

Mina Schneider-Landolf
Memlingstraße 7b
D 12203 Berlin
T: +49 30 8553224

Marc Verschueren
Drakenhoflaan 170 bus 502
2100 Deurne
T: +32 474 66 24 17

Walter Zitterbarth
Bachweg 12
D 35037 Marburg
T: +49 64212710