Basic training program

"The TCI group leader with a certificate has a basic knowledge of TCI and incorporates individual elements into his / her field of activity.

He/she has:

  • consciously further developed his/her own personality and social competence in the context of leading groups with TCI,
  • become acquainted with TCI methods and didactics,
  • learned the basics of TCI and developed the capacity to apply TCI attitudes and methods to his/her field of activity,
  • grappled with his/her own professional development and become capable of reflecting on his/her own role in or in relation to organizations/institutions."

(Training Guidelines 2016, p. 4)

There are two ways to complete the training program, the "building-block system" or participation in a "long-term training course".

The "building-block system" allows the participant to pick freely from the seminars offered by RCI. If this system is chosen, the participant is strongly advised to contact the local training committee in his region.

The "long-term training course" requires participation in four courses offered by one group of instructors to a fixed group. This course takes 2 - 3 years to complete. It begins with a "Decision-workshop". Two further seminars with different instructors must be completed. These can be chosen from the RCI course catalog.

Each training program encompasses at least 117 ninety-minute sessions.
The basic training program concludes with a "Certificate Workshop."

Download the overview Basic Training


CWS (Certificationworkshop) 2024

25. - 27.10.2024 in Erfurt
Seminarleader: Ulrike Rietz, Dr. Holger Kaffka
Registration deadline: 24.09.2024
Click here to register Anmeldung.

You can now view and book all TCI-seminars onwards via our seminar platform.


TCI Basic training Flowchart - 2024_03_01
  • You can find an overview of basic training here.
  • You can download an information sheet on basic training in the modular system here.
  • Further information sheets and forms on basic training can be found on the Downloads page.

Special offer for young adults

The Association promoting TCI training for Young Adults offers introductory seminars and basic training (fixed training course) at favourable financial conditions especially for young adults aged between 18 and 27: The seminars are offered at greatly reduced course fees and in conference centres with low accommodation costs.