Here you can download information about training in TCI.

When you open the documents with a PDF-reader, you will be able to complete them on your computer. In cases of technical problems don't hasitate to contact the office of RCI International for support (Tel: +49 (0)30 616 927 -11,

General Documents

Basic Training (Certificate in Theme Centered Interaction (TCI))

Advanced Training (Diploma in Theme Centered Interaction (TCI))


Study Transcripts (Studienbuch)

Please read the information about the Study Transcripts (PDF-Download)

Informationen über RCI-International
nformation about RCI-International
Personal Details
Form: Personal details
Training Guidelines
Implementation Rules
Ausbildungsnachweise Grundausbildung
Form: Verification of the basic training records
Ausbildungsnachweise Aufbauausbildung
Form: Personal Curriculum
Form: Verification of the advanced training records
and Diploma Supplement

Peer Groups - Form: Verification of the Meetings