Here you can download information about training in TCI.

When you open the documents with a PDF-reader, you will be able to complete them on your computer. In cases of technical problems don't hasitate to contact the office of RCI International for support (Tel: +49 (0)30 265 587 50,

General Documents

Basic Training (Certificate in Theme Centered Interaction (TCI))

Advanced Training (Diploma in Theme Centered Interaction (TCI))


Study Transcripts (Studienbuch)

Please read the information about the Study Transcripts (PDF-Download)

Informationen über RCI-International
nformation about RCI-International
Personal Details
Form: Personal details
Training Guidelines
Implementation Rules
Ausbildungsnachweise Grundausbildung
Form: Verification of the basic training records
Ausbildungsnachweise Aufbauausbildung
Form: Personal Curriculum
Form: Verification of the advanced training records
and Diploma Supplement

Peer Groups - Form: Verification of the Meetings